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16 abril 2014

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Author: Sara Fitzgerald
Publisher: Champagne Books
Publication Date: February, 2014.
ISBN: 978-1-77155-071-0
Buy: Amazon
Nancy, a purple-haired witch, has never fit in with the kids in town. She has always felt something was deeply wrong with her. When Josh, her best friend, is attacked by a werewolf, Nancy seeks a potion to save him from the werewolf curse within him. But Josh’s fate--werewolf or human--is his to decide, when the potion is injected during his transition at thefull of the moon.
Nancy, too, must make a choice. Her mother, her best friend, and a steadfast young man all see the magic within her. Can she finally accept who she is and give love a chance?

Excerpt for Josh

In the blackness of the night, Josh growled from deep inside his body. The pain was intense. More than anything he’d experienced. He gasped and stared at the alluring full moon. His body violently twisted.
He looked at his contorted hands; claws were forming. He was changing into a werewolf. This couldn’t be possible. He never even tasted human flesh and yet he’d always envied the power and freedom of Eric. To have no restraints. Nothing to constrain his behavior. Pure freedom.
“No!” he screamed into the night. Not him. Yet the stupid darkness had always appealed to him. He had even wanted to be a bloodsucker. Did evil lurk within his soul? Was this his fate? To be changed into a monster?
He frantically looked for Nancy, Nick and his sister. They were floating barely above him on the broomsticks. Horror flooded their faces, and tears filled his sister’s eyes.
Samantha dipped her broom lower. “No, Josh, please don’t do this.”
Nick raised his gun. Nancy quickly pushed it down.
Josh’s body quivered. “Kill me.”

About the author
Sara lives with her husband and seven-year-old daughter in Salt Lake City.
She loves romance, intrigue, writing and exploring the city with her family.
Her two favorite parts of the day are reading bedtime stories with her daughter and hanging out with her husband.

Good luck everyone!
Thanks to the author for providing an ebook copy for the giveaway(:

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  1. Ya ingrese en el sorteo, se ve interesante el libro. Ojala me lo gane.

  2. Tiene muy buena pinta :)

  3. Siempre que hable de algún mejor amigo, me engancha el libro. Participo, saludos :)

  4. Participo, la verdad es que parece interesante ;)

  5. Se ve que es un libro interesante la verdad nuca he leído nada que contenga lobos pero le daré una oportunidad a este.

  6. Hola Muchas gracias por el sorteo. Participo. Y bueno se ve interesante, nunca he leído un libro que contenga hombres lobos, puesto que para mí muchos escritores, no lo saben explotar de manera interesante (al menos no he encontrado a uno), pero este se ve bueno.

  7. Participo!!
    Muchas gracias por el sorteo!


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