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07 abril 2014

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Author: Jennifer Quintenz
Publisher: Secret Tree Press
Source: The author
Publication Date: May 1st, 2012
Pages: 281
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Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends, Royal and Cassie. Together they’re doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their way by the popular crowd when a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door. Suddenly Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first time.
But as her sixteenth birthday approaches, Braedyn discovers humankind is at war with the Lilitu, an ancient race of enticing demons that prey on human souls. Her father is a member of the Guard fighting against the Lilitu - and so are the new neighbors, including her crush, Lucas.
As her world starts to unravel at the seams, Braedyn learns the right answers aren’t always clear or easy. And as for “good” and “evil” – it all depends on how we choose to act.
My opinon
Braedyn is a normal girl that lives undisturbed in her school full of douche bags.
Then Lucas moves next to her and he's instantly the main objective of all the girls in the zone, he's hot and nice and cute.
And then Braedyn turns 16 and boom, suddenly she's hot as hell and all the boys want to be with her, she becomes very popular.
But apart from that, Braedyn has a big problem: she's a demon.
She's adopted, her father raised her so she could be on their side: demons hunters.
And Lucas is a demon hunter, and he doesn't know she's a demon.
Now she's turned apart between her true nature and her love for Lucas.
Between her dad and the ones that are just like her… but planning destruction.
Without another word he slid toward me, slipped his arms around me, and drew me forward into a kiss. Our lips met and the jolt of electricity I felt in my stomach dwarfed every kiss I'd imagined us having. My willpower broke, swept away by the force of my feelings. For one moment, nothing was real beyond that kiss.
Braedyn is kind of exasperating sometimes, but I think she handles the situation just like any other teenager would do it.
I like her friends, Royal and Cassie. Royal is really cool and Cassie… well, I think she could have done better in a certain part, I mean, I know how hard it must be, but she should have given the punch back, harder. Or just say "Yes, so what?". I don't know.
For Lucas… well, he's cute and hot and everything so yeah, he's lovable.
And the rest were really cool too, Braedyn's father, Lucas' sister-in-law, etc.
The book is kind of slow even if it's not that long, I don't know, it was intriguing but no that much.
And I really liked the theme, it was original and really well handled. I liked that.
I don't have much to say to yeah, I'll leave it like that.
I liked it and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good story about demons.

About the author
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Jennifer Quintenz is a film and television writer, author, and graphic novelist. She has written for Twentieth Television, Intrepid Pictures, and Archaia Studios Press. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

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